Zumba on at Zumbathon

The second annual Zumbathon event sponsored by SHU’s Global Medical Brigades (GMB) student organization happened on Tuesday April 22.

At the event, there was two hours of Zumba which was instructed by three licensed instructors, unlimited smoothies and free T-shirts. They hope to use the money they raised at the event for their medical excursions to third world countries.

GMB goes to third world countries to aid them medically due to the lack of resources in these countries. This year, the students will be traveling to Honduras on May 23 and hope to bring medical supplies and medicine with them when they go.

Last year, the students traveled to Panama and helped about 200 people in the three days they were doing clinicals.

“It was an amazing experience. The community had limited access to doctors and hospitals and they depend on initiatives such as GMB for help,” said Priya Joseph, a junior physician assistant major.

“We got hands-on experience doing things like triage and shadowing the doctors and dentists. When I went on the trip, it felt like I was just going with a group of students but when I left it felt like we were a family which was amazing. I was so inspired by it and wanted to continue helping however I could and that’s why I’m excited I’m going to Honduras this year.”

This year the students attending the trip hope to have an even better trip than their last.

The work the students of the GMB program do is important because it looks to aid developing countries in their health care and hygiene and provides free medical attention to people who would not have regular access to a hospital or doctor, according to Erika Donohue, a junior physician assistant major, who will be attending the Honduras trip on May 23.

Not only do the students provide medicine and medical attention to third world countries, but they also educate them about health and hygiene and how to create a healthier environment.

“We would really appreciate any financial help because this might be the only chance some people in Honduras have at receiving adequate medical attention,” said

Katie Twomey, a junior physician assistant major, who will also be attending the Honduras trip.

“By attending Zumbathon you can make it possible for us to help communities receive the health care and attention they deserve.”

Shaygne Rodriguez can be reached at shaygne.rodriguez@student.shu. edu.

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