‘Beauty of Africa’ brought to campus


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Fashion allows us to introduce ourselves to the world without saying a single word. From a single person to an entire continent of people, fashion is a vehicle used to showcase beauty in various forms.

The African Student Association (ASA) hosted their “Uzuri Wa Africa,” Beauty of Africa Fashion Show on Friday, April 17, and those involved evaluated the event to be a success.

The upcoming treasurer of ASA, Ornella Yovo, said all the seats were filled and the crowd was engaged. She said they had a dance competition and a best dressed competition to interact with the audience.

“It had a nice turn out and I believe the SHU students had fun and really enjoyed the event,” said Kahris Bowles, a sophomore and model in the show.

“They had a positive response by interacting with the host and overall just having a good time.”

Bowles said this is her second year modeling for the ASA fashion show. She broke down the fashions on display into two categories: contemporary wear and traditional African wear.

“The fashion of a culture is one of the best ways to separate them from other cultures so we want to show SHU what modern African wear looks like,” Yovo said.

From shorts to dresses to ties, everything was modeled to show the variety in African fashion, according to Yovo. She said the bright and vibrant colors of most African cultures made an appearance.

“There will be a lot of intricate ankara fabric and vibrant kente cloth used,” Yovo said. “We also wanted to present the versatility of the cultures by wearing the traditional garb in different ways.”

Ankara and kente are both fabrics rooted in African culture. Ankara is referred to as wax print, although it is 100 percent cotton with bold patterns, according to www.allthingsankara.com. Kente is made of interwoven strips of cotton and silk, according to Wikipedia.

Yovo said each piece was beautiful and unique and she hopes to inspire future outfit of the days of SHU students. Aside from only seeing the garments, Yovo hopes the SHU community would recognize the event as an opportunity to learn more about African culture.

“When we thought of the beauty of Africa we imagined all of the things that make the continent great,” Yovo said. “We will be modeling clothes that showcase the natural beauty of Africa as well as its gorgeous inhabitants.”

Michelle Foti can be reached at michelle.foti@student.shu.edu.

Author: Michelle Foti

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