Sun’s out, fun’s out

Spring has finally arrived at Seton Hall. As snow days seem like a distant memory, pirates are coming out of hiding to enjoy the beautiful sunlight while gearing up for upcoming spring finals. One of the first stops on campus tours, the magical setting for the annual Christmas tree lighting, and the most populated area on a sunny day, is the Green. It is the common ground for all pirates to congregate, especially to catch some fresh air and sunlight with fellow students on a nice day. I stepped out this weekend to observe some of the activities that students enjoy participating in on the Green.

Relaxing on a big pink blanket, with an iced coffee and open textbook, Mary Molnar, a sophomore nursing student, was the picture of serenity. “I love to study on the Green, as it’s a nice break from the library” said Molnar. The sophomore added the atmosphere and community of the Green is great to be a part of because, “Everyone’s been hibernating, and now there’s people outside”! When she’s not studying, Molnar enjoys listening to music, practicing yoga, softball and volleyball.

Daren Gutierrez, a freshman accounting major, is enjoying his first spring on campus, and likes kicking a soccer ball around with friends. Gutierrez appreciates this time on the Green and, “doesn’t like to be cooped up inside.”

Also found frequently on the Green is Aaron Muller, a sophomore biology major, who deems this his favorite spot on campus. When on the Green, “I like to study, play some sports, or just sit back, relax and enjoy the fresh air,” says Muller. Taking monitored breaks from school work to refresh is an important part of managing the stress all too often associated with schoolwork. “I think (being outside) improves my class performance. Being a bio major I have to spend a lot of time in the library. It is nice to be able to come outside and forget about the different stresses that come from my major, and enjoy the little things in college.”

Enjoying the sun while improving core strength and getting in a unique workout is a favorite activity of Emily Mocheo, a freshman graphic design student, who participates in slack-lining on the Green. A member of the rock-climbing club, Mocheo enjoys activities which challenge her balance and core strength as “being outside is a lot more fun than being stuck in the gym.” Similar to tight-rope walking, slack lining involves connecting a band across two trees to balance across with bare feet. Mocheo and friends encourage all to try the sport.

Right in the heart of campus surrounding the seal, the Green is arguably one of the best spots, and certainly one for all Seton Hall Pirates to treasure.

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