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Corner Pocket, Seton Hall’s new literary magazine, is launching their latest edition for the spring semester on April 21 in the Pirate’s Cove from 7-11 p.m. with a $2 suggested donation. The magazine features prose, poetry or fiction of students across campus who submit their pieces.

“I was interested in conceptualizing the student magazine into following a pretty interesting trend,” said Mark Svenvold, associate professor of creative writing and the advisor of Corner Pocket. “The zine universe. It’s like a homemade magazine. A whole universe of young people who are sort of making handmade physical zines.”

Corner Pocket follows this larger trend in the culture of the zine. They also changed the format by having the magazine fit in your back pocket. The launch happens just in time for National Poem in Your Pocket Day.

“We are trying to suggest that the magazine is still alive. That the physical universe is still here,” said Svenvold. “I’ve taken students to the New York center to book arts and we learned how to hand bind. The first issue we hand bound. We had so much fun with needle and thread. It is riotously more fun than anyone expected and then there’s this sense of wow-anyone can do this. It’s this really amazing sense of I have needle, I have thread and I’m going to take over the world. That’s how we all felt.”

The entire magazine is a collaborative work between the students. Within this issue, they have an excerpt of a graphic novel which stemmed from a class activity. Professor Svenvold challenged students to write their own version of the famous poem “In the Pines,” made famous by Kurt Cobain.

“I’m so proud of this particular issue. Of both issues. The poems are just killer. Very strange. Perfect in a weird way,” said Svenvold. “We are looking for new blood next year. Anyone who is interested we’d love to have come on board.”

The club is broken up with different team leaders who help coordinate the magazine. The magazine holds a reading period where they read all submissions sent in. All submissions can be sent to All styles and writing submissions are encouraged.

Attending the launch party allows the Seton Hall community to get a copy of the zine, pizza and see readings of the writings within the issue.

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