2015 commencement shows lack of effort


It comes as a shock and disappointment that there will be no commencement speaker at the 2015 graduation. In past years some notable speakers have included Brian Williams and Gov. Chris Christie. The reason for not having a speaker, according to the Provost, was that the University wants to “highlight” students.

Whether that is the real reason or not, no graduate wants to hear advice about the real world from a peer.

What does someone who has never been out in the real world know about it? The point of a commencement speaker is to give some enlightened words to graduating seniors who are most likely nervous beyond belief to be entering the professional world.

No graduate can tell another graduate what to expect out there because they have not been out there yet. Even last year’s controversial speaker, Mary Eberstadt, would be a step up to not having a speaker at all.

Even though she did hold the belief that women should not work while speaking to a room full of ambitious, graduating women, at least she was someone.

Has Seton Hall University lost all capabilities of finding a good speaker? It sure looks that way. After Eberstadt and now no speaker at all, Seton Hall has a lot of evaluating to do for next year to make up for this complete lack of effort.

It just does not seem like it would be that difficult to find absolutely anyone to speak, especially with the close relationships the University holds with successful alumni. And maybe if Seton Hall had planned a great commencement for us, we would dismiss the fact that there will be no speaker, but not even the location or time is ideal.

Instead of holding this year’s ceremony at the Izod Center, the class of 2015 is cast out to the Prudential Center. This was obviously not the fault of the University, as Izod closed, but the decision was announced only two months ago, which was somewhat abrupt. In addition, to have it at 5 p.m. disrupts after-graduation celebrations.

An awesome speaker would have at least made seniors feel like they were appreciated and thought of for more than just a few months before graduation.

All in all: Seton Hall has let down the class of 2015.

Author: Editorial Board

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