Greek life fights for better reputation

Courtesy of Veronica Bono

Courtesy of Veronica Bono

Twenty percent of the student body participates in Greek life, making it an active part of the SHU community. Though some people have negative perceptions of Greek life, many people who join these organizations have high expectations of what they want accomplished as members and many of them want to give Greek life a better reputation.

Each person joins a Greek organization for a variety reasons, but some are selfless and involve bettering their organization as well as themselves.

With initiation coming to a close, the pledge classes are excited to be able to contribute to their sorority or fraternity. Samantha Fagan, a freshman biology major and member of Alpha Omicron Pi, said that being involved in her sorority not only means sisterhood, but also means helping those in need.

“I want to help change everyone’s perception of Greek life because some people see it in a negative way,” said Fagan. “I also want to bring my ideas for philanthropy events to the table because at the end of the day that’s a big part of our organization.”

Kirstin Sebastian, a member of Delta Phi Epsilon and a sophomore biology major, said she plans to hold a leadership position in order to organize school-wide events and fundraisers that gets the whole campus involved and not just members of Greek life.

“I know Greek life has a bad reputation but my organization has been trying to stress being the best we can be to change people’s perceptions on Greek life,” said Sebastian. “One of our new members wants to bring recognition to a gay, lesbian and bi-sexual student organization that is on campus that cannot be recognized otherwise and our organization is interested in supporting that organization, especially considering that sister is lesbian.”

Not only do the new members of sororities have things they want to contribute to their organizations, but so do the new members of fraternities.

“I plan to help Alpha Chi Rho have more of a voice on campus through sponsoring and co-sponsoring events,” said Stephen Ticson, a member of Alpha Chi Rho and a freshman political science major.

Many of the newly initiated members of the many organizations on the SHU campus are highly anticipating giving Greek life a better reputation and many of them are becoming the change they want to see within the Greek life community.

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