News org. gives voice to SHU women

A news organization that has been taking the nation by storm is Her Campus, a Chapter of the International Online Community for College Women which will launch at Seton Hall University on March 31.

The organization was founded at SHU by campus correspondents Rebecca Gramuglia and Rachel Wyncoop.

They were initially fans of the Her Campus and believed that extending it to the University could benefit the collegiate women on campus.

“As the new semester begins, having an academic institution like Seton Hall contributing to Her Campus on a regular basis should be a tremendous resource for our growing audience,” said Stephanie Kaplan, Her Campus CEO and Co-Founder.

The new chapter involves online publications which specialize in relating to college students and women across the country.

It will provide students, especially college journalists, subjects to write about Her Campus features such as style, health, beauty, career and other content.

The new chapter will allow young women to publish content that speaks directly to women, which can be considered a women’s lifestyle publication on campus.

“Her Campus has content which is specialized toward us and really provides fun and interesting things to read,” Wyncoop said. “There is no other publication that can cater to us in any similar way.”

Her Campus is an internationally popular online and offline community for college women which features a variety of content. College journalists who are involved in Her Campus have been offered jobs and internships with popular news organizations and magazines.

The online community’s foundation to publish content that speaks directly to women which can be considered a women’s lifestyle publication on campus.

“This organization can really highlight the Seton Hall community and unite us as a whole,” Wyncoop said. “We want students from all different parts of the SHU community to be a part of Her Campus so we think it will really bring us all together.”

The online publication will be different to established on-campus news publications because it will not entirely focus on publishing all content related to Seton Hall.

The online community’s foundation prides itself in providing women a voice and defines the collegiate as “a college woman who is on top of her game – strategically career- minded, distinctly fashionable, socially connected, academically driven and smartly health-conscious, who endeavors to get the most of her college experience on every level.”

Interested students should contact Gramuglia or Wyncoop through their student emails.

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