Gaming community united at SHU

Sharing good games with soon-to-be friends is what the Seton Hall Gaming Sector is all about.

The  Gaming Sector serves as a ground to bring people together to enjoy various types of games and has gained more than 200 members since its start in 2013.

Its motto is: “To provide a friendly, social and healthy interactive experience among students through a relaxed environment provided by an interest in various types of gaming activities.”

It hosts both charity events and weekly gaming events that are open to general members as well as the whole student body.

“It’s a community where all gamers, whether it’s video games, card games or board games, can come together and enjoy both competitive and casual gaming,” said Matt Lutz, a sophomore member of the club and graphic design major.

The club has worked with charities such as Extra Life and Charity Hero, which was founded by Seton Hall student Joe Sehwani, to raise money and provide service for those in need. The club raised a thousand dollars to help children with varying degrees of illness and also helped raise money to donate to hospitals through streaming with Extra Life.

The weekly gaming events include Tuesday’s sports night, a night when people can come together and play many different sports games on PlayStation or XBOX systems and MOBA Mondays, which stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

“Every Monday a group of roughly 30 people come out and practice against each other, give each other tips and tricks, talk about updates to their games and even hold tutoring sessions which they call classes,” said Victor Gomez, a business major and vice president of the club.

The club’s other weekly events include board game night, mobile gaming night and Smash night, which hosts tournaments for almost every Smash Brothers game. It has also teamed up to host gaming-related events with multiple clubs such as the Film Society and Disability Awareness Club.

The Gaming Sector has created an environment at Seton Hall for gamers to thrive and meet new people and was able to do so in just two short years.

“The friendships made here last after college,” said Gomez. “Although we are a relatively new club, we still have our alumni come and participate at our events and enjoy the fun of the games.”

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