Free Flick Friday: newly released movies easily accessible

Looking for something to do on campus this Friday? Look no further than Free Flick Friday.

Run by the Student Activities Board (SAB) students are within reach of newly released movies every month at no charge. The likes of “Big Hero 6,” “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Best of Me” have all captured audiences around the world and more recently Seton Hall’s students.

While SHU is the home of the Pirates, these films are featured in a completely legal way. SAB collaborates with Swank Motion Pictures Inc., a movie distributor and public performance-licensing agent, allowing students to see movies that were just in theaters, but are not out for home distribution yet.

“Mockingjay” was shown on Feb. 27 in the Main Lounge of the University Center. In addition to the movie, an archery range was set up for students to channel their inner Katniss Everdeen before the movie.

“This semester is all about doing something with the movies,” said Jenna Leis, freshman cinema co-chair.

It all started this past fall when SAB supplied students with food from Chipotle for the showing of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and later on, included a dinner for the audience at the Valentine’s Day showing.

“We are trying to offer a full night event for students looking to do something on the weekend,” said Alyssa Behrendt, freshman cinema co-chair.

“I used to go home every weekend because there was nothing to do on campus,” said Alyssa Morrissey, a senior. “Free Flick Friday offered something to do on a Friday night.”

SAB is continually taking the initiative to give attendees what they want for a great night.

“We go along with the Catholic mission,” said Leis. “But we also like to get input from the audience on what they want to see next.”

The Cinema Committee recently found that students want to see film classics that may go with a certain seasonal theme.

“We are planning a new Flash Back Friday for next semester and paying homage to ‘Back to the Future’ in our own special way,” said Leis.

While Free Flick Fridays is only three years old, it has quickly evolved into the event that it is today.

Starting as a way for students to save movie money, now, Free Flick Friday is a staple in campus life.

“I go every month with my friends,” said freshman Jenna Ng-Lee. “It’s a place with quality movies, quality food and quality people.”

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