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Founded on a dream that not only keeps giving, but keeps accomplishing too, the Dreamscape Foundation is making strides once again. The Dreamscape Foundation is a nonprofit which serves to help those with rare disabilities and diseases under the motto: “sharing the dream.”

The foundation encourages the community to contribute creativity and talents to help those in need, according to Joseph Sehwani, the founder of the organization.

A big surprise to Dreamscape’s founder, SHU sophomore Sehwani was named second runner up for the Caught in the Act Award and has been recognized by SHU as a nominee for the 2015 Servant Leader Award.

Caught in the Act is a contest run by Random Acts, a nonprofit that is “dedicated to funding and inspiring acts of kindness around the world,” according to

This contest in particular seeks to recognize individuals who have made great contributions to others on a small or large scale.

Sehwani’s brother had nominated him during the summer. He found out when a friend was congratulating him for making it into the top three and until then he had not heard a thing about it.

Sehwani said he was happy to be recognized, as the contest received over one hundred nominations globally.

“I am just happy that I was recognized for my philanthropist work at the Dreamscape Foundation,” Sehwani said. “(It) shows me what I am doing matters.”

Sehwani has a plan to transform this award recognition into something that can benefit the Dreamscape Foundation.

“I am going to use this nomination as an avenue to develop a relationship with the organization Random Acts,” Sehwani said. “This will allow us to combine our missions and double the impact in our community.”

Sehwani continues to bring new projects to the community that he serves and presently those include a clothing line called Zazzle for charity. Zazzle, a custom clothing line, has a Community Giving Program. Dreamscape is working with other brands for the charity pride clothing movement including the Seton Hall Gaming Sector, Pixel Brains and more.

Utilizing the Google platform One Today, Sehwani launched a project “Independence for the Disabled at Home,” which seeks to provide those with disabilities the adaptive technology they need to be independent in their own homes, according to Sehwani. He plans to branch out to schools and help them improve services for disabled students.

“When I was in high school I struggled with accommodations in the program I was in,” Sehwani said. “So, it will be great to give back to the school boards supporting disabled individuals.”

Sehwani has three SHU students working with him on this project: Brian Klimakowski, Alex Szymanski and Mike Delaney. Sehwani said both projects have received a positive response from the foundation’s supporters.

The Dreamscape Foundation has virtually moved to a new web address. To learn more visit

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