Apps making the it-list in 2015

Wondering what the “it” apps are of 2015? Then you’ve come to the right place.

The new apps recently introduced by the app store, Microsoft store and google store are causing a stir on everybody’s phone as of recent. The most popular apps are important to know about so pay attention, as they may very well keep you in the social loop!

Here are the “it” apps of 2015:

  • Group Me, an up and coming app, effectively replaces the Facebook messenger app. It allows you to add people from their Facebook and/or phone numbers into personal or group chats, effectively making communication much easier between friends.

  • Trivia Crack, another app that seems to be a replacement for Words with Friends, is more than just a Scrabble game with a fresh coat of paint. In this app, you can invite your friends on a quiz-show-type-game, quizzing the players on their knowledge of history, arts, sciences, sports, and more. In the end the player with the most correct answers win, effectively increasing your knowledge while playing with friends from afar.

  • Spotify. For all you music fans out there, Spotify is certainly the app to get. Replacing Pandora with a new, easy to use format, Spotify allows you to log in with Facebook, optionally post to Facebook which songs you are listening to and allows you to preview songs simply by tapping them. These songs can be put into a playlist and be listened to for free.

  • Finally, Brave Frontier, an app that has been out for a while, has been growing in popularity not only overall, but also on campus. Brave Frontier is an excellent turn-based game that seems to be a mix between Final Fantasy and Pokémon. In-app purchases are there if you want them, but the game gives you plenty of chances to succeed without paying through weekly events. The game also has an auto-attack option, allowing you to make progress in the game without giving your phone a glance! Need to finish a project but you want to complete a dungeon? Not a problem with this app.

All of these apps are available on a windows phone, apple phones and possibly a few of the more third-party groups. Be sure to download and give these apps a college-try. They might just be your next favorite thing!

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