Students question young marriage


The thought of marriage for college students may seem scary or exciting. Marriage is a big commitment and some are not ready for it, but others highly anticipate it.

With marriage comes responsibility, commitment, dependence, financial responsibilities and a variety of other things.

“I think that students should wait to get married until they’re at least done with their bachelor degree because there are so many stresses that come with school already without being married,” said Dilara Esen, a sophomore biology major. “Also, students are rarely financially stable enough to be able to handle marriage without working full time and abandoning school.”

Jason Supplee, a sophomore public relations major, agreed with Esen.

“I think that people should wait until they have graduated college or have decided what they want to do with the rest of their lives before they make the commitment of spending the rest of their lives with a person,” he said.

Though some young people look at all the commitments of marriage and are not ready for it, some people have opposite views.

There is more to marriage than just commitments. Love, happiness, joy and a variety of other feelings may occur when people are ready to take the next step in a relationship, which some people tend to forget.

“I think marriage is awesome if you find the right person. I think it’s incredible to find someone you can spend your life with and be happy to put them in front of yourself,” said Anthony Madle, a sophomore sports management and marketing major.

“I’m all for marriage, but you shouldn’t commit until you’re 100% ready,” he added. “I’m not really for divorce so I think you should find someone and do everything you can to stay with them.”

However, there are ways to know or to decide whether or not it is time to take the next step, such as moving in together. One important aspect in knowing whether or not you are ready for marriage is knowing if you can live with someone else, other than your roommate, or if you can live with the person you plan to marry.

“I believe that marriage is a big step in any relationship, but it really depends on the couple and what they want,” said Ariana Dispalatro, senior business major. “I think that younger couples aren’t feeling as pressured to get married so soon, but are more likely to show their commitment through other ways such as moving in together and really starting a life together.”

Marriage and the idea of marriage is what a person makes of it and as students, many different people have opposing or supporting arguments about it.

Shaygne Rodriguez can be reached at shaygne.rodriguez@student.shu.

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