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From fighting diseases in third world countries, to teaching the next generation of global leaders, Jack Chow inspires Seton Hall.

Chow, who has six degrees ranging from a B.A. in political science to an M.B.A. in finance, is a prior as well as a current Sharkey Scholar for the School of Diplomacy and International Relations. Chow also teaches a new graduate level course titled Global Health Diplomacy. After serving the world in regard to diplomatic health issues, Chow began to teach.

“My career has benefited from the mentorship of many leaders and teachers and I feel a duty and enthusiasm to give forward: to enable the next generation of young leaders to benefit from my experience and insights” said Chow.

Chow said his decision to became a professor at Seton Hall was based in part on the University’s record.

“Seton Hall has been a pioneer in advancing diplomacy and leadership education and has assembled a diverse array of scholars and visiting practitioners,” Chow said.

By teaching his new global health course, Chow wants to prepare his students.

He said “I aim to imbue within my students a strategic framework of thinking about policy, so that they can more readily focus on what national leaders demand of their staffs.”

Chow has already inspired future leaders.

“Many students who have taken my course at Seton Hall and elsewhere have written to me about how my teaching has catalyzed their progress in global health or traditional diplomacy,” Chow said.

Two of Chow’s former students, Angela Phan and John Muhanna, have been influenced by Chow.

Phan had an internship with the Council on Foreign Relations and Muhanna will be involved with a non-governmental organization dealing with global health and development which is “a direct result of attending my course” said Chow.

Aside from being a professor, Chow has an extensive list of professional experience. He is also a global health consultant and works with Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and has also worked for the World Health Organization with Chief of Staff Alex Ross.

Ross referred to Chow as “a passionate, inspiring leader espousing ideals of service, humility and dedication.”

When asked about his favorite work experience, Chow said his “fund to confront AIDS in Africa.”

Chow’s work helped create a nonprofit organization called the Global Fund which has saved millions of people from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

“That achievement was a landmark in global health diplomacy and has spurred a drive to extend health as a foreign policy priority,” Chow said.

“He provided great leadership for a very exciting time,” said Ross.

Even with all of Chow’s great accomplishments, he said that he too will benefit from his students.

“Ultimately, I am inspired by what the students themselves seek to achieve and I am glad to add ‘wind to their sails’ with my teachings,” Chow said.

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