We can end sexual assault if we speak out

Sexual violence is something no college student wants to discuss or, worse, confront, but it is necessary to do so. We always think, “Oh that won’t happen to me,” until it does. Sexual assaults are common on every college campus and it is necessary to accept this if we are ever going to overcome it.

First of all, sexual violence does not always have to be rape. Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable should not be tolerated. Your friends, peers, acquaintances, all should have respect for you. Don’t feel embarrassed or afraid about coming forward. The only person who should feel embarrassed is the person who made you feel like you were in danger.

Also, a common myth is that men cannot be victims of sexual assault. While the statistics show women are more likely to be victims, it does not mean men can’t. According to National Statistics on rrsonline.org, one in two women and one in five men will be victims of sexual assault.

However, the statistics are misleading because they do not classify “rape” for men as being forced into performing a sexual act on someone. Still, seven percent of men have reported they were made to do this, according to Time magazine. Even though men do not fall into the “rape” category as often as women, their sexual assault experiencesare no less important and should be taken just as seriously.

Sexual assault needs to end. We as a community need to come together to stop it. If you see something, speak up. If you are a victim, speak up. The Department of Public Safety is there 24/7 to answer your calls and assist you. So if you want, or need, to report an act of sexual assault, just call (973) 761-9328.

Author: Editorial Board

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