Life moves fast: What’s your five-year plan?

What will you be doing in five years? After college, what career will you have, when will you get married, when will you have kids?

If you’re plagued by these questions at every family gathering, you’re not alone. While some may not know exactly what they want to do just yet, there are several students who had very specific goals when it came to their five year plans.

Samantha Slavetskas, a sophomore nursing major, has been planning for her future since she entered the nursing program in 2013.

“After graduation, I want to work as a nurse for a few years, ideally in a trauma hospital, in an emergency room, somewhere,” she said.

She continued to say that one of her hopes is to become a nurse practitioner and look into flight nursing. It involves being one of the team members on a helicopter that transports patients to hospitals. However, there are rarely openings for that specific job.

“You have to work to get your certifications and foot in the door,” said Slavetskas.

Nida Ansari, a junior biochemistry major, also sees herself working in the medical field.

“I currently am looking at medical schools all over the country,” she said. “I would like to work in a hospital and then open up my own practice.”

Ansari also said she would want to specialize in muscular dystrophy and she would want to work with Doctors Without Borders, an international, medical organization, according to their website.

Olivia Cormier, a junior psychology major, said that once she graduates, she’ll attend graduate school in New England for social work and specialize in gerontology, which is the study of social, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of aging.

“I hope to work in hospitals or nursing homes for a few years with the elderly until I can start my own private practice,” said Cormier. “The ten year plan would be to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology.”

Kayleigh Adams, a sophomore diplomacy and international relations major, is currently expanding her horizons by studying abroad in Prague this semester.

“In five years I’d like to be working for a nongovernmental organization that focuses on sustainable development,” said Adams.

She said she would also love to continue studying her major in graduate school.

Not all college students have their future careers planned or knows exactly what they want to do. A great resource to help figure these things out is the Career Center. They can be reached at (973) 761-9355.

Rosemary Sweigart can be reached at rosemary.sweigart@student.shu.

Author: Staff Writer

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