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In attending college, we hope to better ourselves and achieve our ideal career. However, how does your employer know about your experiences? How will they know about the college you went to, the internships you took, and the part-time jobs you suffered through to afford said college?

You will want to convey these previous experiences through a resume, or a piece of paper that could very well get you hired. Certain resume styles can get you hired, while others will not. Here is a list of how you can create a polished resume with simple changes.

1) List your name at the top with contact info: Don’t just include your name, include your preferred phone number, address and email at the top so that your employer can contact you. Nothing destroys your chances of being hired better than actively preventing yourself from being contacted.

2) State your objective: before mentioning your educational and work history, it’s important to let your employer know, without asking too much, what kind of work experience you are hoping for so that they can sort you accordingly in their company.

3) Education and work history: Don’t hold back any details, this is your time to shine. Remember when you were on the Dean’s list? Write that down. Remember when you worked at ShopRite? Write that down. Don’t just state your GPA, share your achievements as well.

4) Skills: If you can’t use a computer, turns out you can’t get too many jobs nowadays. Might want to write down your experience in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other talents such as writing and drawing. Who knows what use your organization will have for you?

5) Relevant Coursework: Mention whichever courses pertain to your desired job. The more educated you are, the better you are.

Keep it short, sweet, and filled with details. If you need more help, be sure to visit the Career Center for resume or cover letter advice.

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