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Even the alumni are starting to notice the switch in the Pirate’s alternative away uniform.

The Pirates have subbed a new sleek black alternate instead of their blue traditional away jersey. The Pirates have always had three uniforms, but the black ones are popping up more frequently lately.

“I think they’re really nice,” said Anna Cerrati, a SHU alum. “The black is different for Seton Hall but they look bold, intense and ready to take the Big East by storm.”

The black uniform was adopted to limit confusion during games with universities with similar colors. Against Butler, Seton Hall wore the black uniform to distinguish itself from the Bulldog’s home uniform of white and navy, as observed at the game.

As with anything that changes, there may be many opinions on the newest change. Some may not approve because it’s a change from the traditional Adidas uniforms worn previously that can be traced back to 1900s. Others may not particularly like the fact that the new Under Armour uniforms are black which doesn’t reflect Seton Hall's team colors.

“I don’t mind the change in the uniform, I just wish the last names were on the backs so it was easier to tell the players apart on the court,” said Angela Ashman, a junior anthropology major.

As a display of team unity, the jerseys say "Pirates" where the name would traditionally go.

As a whole, the new uniform holds true to the overall traditional Seton Hall Pirates style with its blue accent, Seton Hall lettering and pirate logo included in the design. The uniform also still contains the players’ numbers on the back below a pirate stamp.

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