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If you’ve recently updated your Snapchat, you’ll notice that changes have been made to the app leaving users with mixed reactions.

One major change is the elimination of seeing user’s “best friends.” Previously, the best friends list would illustrate a ranking of the top three Snapchat accounts that each user on your friend’s list was sending and receiving the most snaps.

Some students are not sure how they feel about this update.

Cara Grattan, a junior nursing major, said that she loves the best friends update because it adds to the user’s privacy.

“(It) prevents snooping,” said Grattan.

Julia Beyer, a junior nursing major, said that she misses the best friends ranking because she likes keeping tabs on who her significant other is snapping.

“(I want Snapchat to) bring back best friends so I can make sure I'm the only lady he's talking to,” said Beyer.

In addition, Victoria Kelly, a senior psychology major said that she likes one of the app’s new features.

“But I do like the new additional where you can ‘explore’ things,” said Kelly.

The app has also added in a “Discover” feature which allows users to keep updated on several well-known media companies like CNN, the Food Network and People Magazine. By clicking the white circle in the corner of the Snap Stories page, you will relocate to the Discover menu. This gives you the ability to scroll through the picture post updates from any of the listed companies.

One student said that she is not a fan of the Discover addition because it takes away from the purpose of the app.

“I don’t like the Discover part of the app because I think that it’s just a marketing scam,” said Amber Schuele, a senior social and behavioral science major.

The Snapchat update can be downloaded through any smart phone app store.

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