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It is no surprise that Seton Hall is known for providing students with incredible internships off campus in great places such as New York City. However, a lot of students do not realize that they could gain career experience right on campus.

No monthly NJ transit pass or car is needed; On-campus internships exist. Seton Hall offers internships in a variety of fields. Within the last few years the following departments have posted internships: public relations, admissions, alumni relations, the Library, athletics, student activities, counseling and psychological services, health services, human resources and public safety.

These departments are not always offering internships, but students should be on the lookout for when new internship opportunities arise. Reesa Greenwald, director of the Career Center, said that “internships should be a part of the undergraduate experience.”

Other factors can help students succeed, such as being involved with campus activities, leadership experience, a high GPA and having prior work experience. But that is not enough.

“We want everybody to have professional experience by graduation” Greenwald said on behalf of the Career Center. She also recommended that students “speak with their career advisor to get tips on the best way to use Navigator, The Career Center’s job and intern posting database.”

The Career Center will help students find the perfect internship. The main differences between on-campus and off-campus internships is the location and the type of experience students will gain. On-campus internships will be more convenient and easier to get to, but Greenwald assures students that the “value of an internship” does not change because of location. Also, “the function of what you do is the same, but the industry is different.”

Interning on campus would give students experience with their specific field in connection with higher education, whereas interning at a hospital for example, would connect the specific field with the medical field. Since Seton Hall is a highly diverse school promoting many careers, students can find internships that fit them perfectly.

One example of a student who found her perfect fit on campus is Sophia Joseph, who is double majoring in Marketing and Information Technology. Joseph is an intern with Marketing and Promotions for Seton Hall University Athletics.

“I have gained a lot of experience from this internship through the hands-on work that I get to do,” Joseph said.

When asked why she chose an on-campus internship rather than one off campus, she responded, “having this internship on campus is beneficial because of the proximity.”

While Joseph is able to gain career experience right on campus, her internship is not limited to campus, “I also have an opportunity to work the men’s games at the Prudential Center and see all the background work that takes place” she stated.

Cailee Valente can be reached at cailee.valente@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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