Brothers shovel for those in need

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After being pummeled my two major snowstorms in as many weeks, many in our area are paying the price. Mountains of snow have made commuting and going about day-to-day life significantly more difficult. The brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity recognized the community’s need and have stepped in to do their part.

The fraternity has recently introduced a new program that offers free shoveling services to residents of South Orange who could use them, including the elderly and physically disabled, according to Alpha Sigma Phi’s Facebook page. They will also gladly spread salt on your property, but you must be able to supply it for them.

Anyone in need of this service can contact (973) 913-4609 or A link to the confidential application can also be found on the fraternity’s Facebook page.

The initiative was begun by Troy Balog, the service director of the fraternity.

“He felt the best way to find elderly [people] who needed help during the winter was through the [program], and they gave us a great starting point for our service,” said fellow Alpha Sigma Phi brother Jonathan Valsechi-Diaz.

At the moment, he added, only members of the Alpha Sig fraternity are involved with the program, though there is always the possibility that it can be expanded to include other fraternities or even all students on campus. The initiative will be available to assist the citizens of South Orange for as long as there is a chance for snowfall.

“This program lasts until [there’s] no more snow, pretty much.” Jonathan said. “Seeing as how it snowed (on a previous) Halloween, cutting off our service when the spring season officially starts might be too, early as snow could come until the end of March.”

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