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Whether you need to fix a loose button or learn how to get rid of a stain on your new shirt, YouTube how-to videos are not only helpful, but also addicting. The most viewed how-to videos range from makeup tutorials to cooking tips.

You can find a video for every step-by-step process you need right at your finger tips. The biggest struggle: choosing which video to watch.

Surprisingly, one of the most viewed how-to videos on YouTube demonstrates how to get ready the night before a big interview. The video “How to Tie a Tie” was posted by My Nice Tie, a channel centered on showcasing different tying techniques, raking in over 22 million views.

In addition, how to nail your job interview tutorials are posted, which can be useful to college students starting off in the job market. With winter weather, come snow days and the potholes they leave behind. Many YouTube videos can help commuters who find themselves in a pinch on the road. If a driver ever needs to learn how to change their own tire or learn how to remove their car from the snow, there are step-by-step videos giving easy tips. Videos called “College Cooking” are a great resource that offer ways to cook for meals with four ingredients for four dollars. It focuses on creating easy steps for anyone who wants to cook quickly and on a low budget. There are also different videos to look into for vegan or vegetarian options.

Some of the best how-to videos are ranked not by the content, but by the user’s ability to captivate audiences.

One YouTuber, Crazy Russian Hacker, went viral with how-to videos. His videos are short tutorials that show quick and easy ways to go about everyday tasks. Many of his videos target college students because they show various ways to get through the day easier through fun do-it-yourself activities. Some of his top videos include “How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener,” “How to Make Your Shoes Waterproof” and “(Do It Yourself) Vintage Memory Jars.”

So whether you need a useful study tips or a how-to get the perfect makeup for winter formal tutorial, videos can be a great source for fun, useful information and learning new tips and tricks for your everyday activities.

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