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The fifth annual Pirate’s Pitch program hosted by Seton Hall is a great way for student entrepreneurs of all experience levels to present their business ideas to the community.

Loosely modeled after the popular show “Shark Tank,” Pirate’s Pitch gives students a chance to gain great experience, work with expert mentors and present a professional business pitch to a panel of judges who have experienced success in the business world.

Founding director Susan Scherreik weighed in on what sets this year’s Pirate’s Pitch apart from those in the past.

“This year we are providing contestants with experienced mentors to assist them from the moment they make contact with the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, even before they file an application to compete in Pirate’s Pitch,” Scherreik said. “We have found that providing one-on-one mentoring to our student entrepreneurs is a big factor in their success in Pirate’s Pitch and that the earlier that we provide this mentoring, the better. Previously, we provided mentoring only to those contestants who reached the finalist stage of the competition.”

It may seem difficult at first to pitch a business idea that is original and attention grabbing.

Scherreik said that addressing big questions such as how the business will turn a profit or who their competition is, will be a surefire way to get the judges’ attention.

“Students need to answer the question: what product or service will my business provide that my target audience needs,” Scherreik said.

In today’s fast paced world, entrepreneurship is more important than ever.

“Every student needs to be an entrepreneur, regardless of their major,” Scherreik said. “The business world is changing so rapidly that we must all be innovative and flexible and seek out new opportunities in our chosen field.”

She said that entrepreneurial skills are immensely valuable in life beyond college.

“We all need to take control of our fate, and entrepreneurship allows you to do that,” Scherreik said.

Professional mentors will be available at all Pirate’s Pitch information sessions. The last information session will take place next Tuesday, Feb. 3, at 8:30 p.m. in the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Room 528, Jubilee Hall.

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