Trivia Crack takes over

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A new game craze is taking over campus and this time the addiction is not Candy Crush; it is Trivia Crack. The app allows users to test their wits against their friends to see who is the smartest of them all.

“It’s good for when I have a few minutes to kill,”Chris Fielder said. “And for passive-aggressively proving to friends I know more random facts than they do.”

Fielder’s favorite category is entertainment because it helps him keep up on pop culture news for the latest movies or TV shows that he does not normally know about. Now, he can get in on the conversation based on what he learned in the game.

“My friend Katie asked if I played it. I said no. She downloaded it onto my phone because she wanted to beat me (she lost),” Fielder said.

Fielder is not the only one playing to win as the game spreads across campus. The game challenges players on random trivia. Set up like an on-the-go “Trivial Pursuit” or “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire,” each player spins a wheel to determine a category, which includes history, entertainment, art, science, geography and sports.

Players have a limited amount of time to answer questions in multiple-choice format. Answering correctly allows one to move up in the game, get an answer wrong and the opposing player gets to continue. One game could go on for long time, but players can play multiple games with different opponents at one time.

Challenge mode also lets players answer several questions for a chance to win against multiple players. To move up levels players can collect different characters, which represent the different categories, as well for points.

The questions are submitted by users, which keeps them up to date and user friendly. Any player can submit or rate questions in the apps Question Factory section.

Typical questions include “Who is the Russian mystic preacher and healer who was murdered in St. Petersburg?” and “What is the northernmost state?”

A player can connect the app to Facebook in order to play the games with friends or use the random setting to play with people around the world. The app is free with limited advertisements or for $2.99 with no advertisements.

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