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College students can agree that buying textbooks for class is a dreaded task. Regardless of your major, chances are the school bookstore prices are a little steeper than our pockets allow. Some majors have more expensive book requirements than others but if the cost can be avoided, we are all for it.

Here are some foolproof options for those just starting out or looking for more options to save money. Your first stop should always be the Seton Hall library. Seems like an obvious choice to check out first right? Not necessarily, you never know if they could have the textbooks you need but it never hurts to try.

You can find out by checking on the SHU Library page or just asking the Reference Desk for help. The best part of the library is that it’s absolutely free and it’s simple and easy to use! You can rent multiple books from the library then renew them for the next semester if needed.

The second stop can be either eBay or Amazon based on prices. Depending on the textbook, one site may carry it for less than the other so be sure to check out both before making a final decision.

Both provide the options to buy textbooks new, used, hardcover or paperback. Just search the textbook you need with the author and edition and the rest is a breeze. If the price of the books and shipping are still cheaper compared to the cost in the bookstore, it’s the perfect alternative.

If you want to explore a third option, online book rental is always a good way to go. Some websites provide the option to buy or rent textbooks for a semester or a year for a discounted price.

Simply search the title of the textbook and verify the author and edition with your required texts for class. Find the price that works best for you and place your order. Once you have ordered the textbook, you will be notified of the return date for rentals.

After the end of the semester or year, you can ship the items back in the same packaging you received them in. Some popular sites for online book rentals for college students are, www. and

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