Eat, sleep and breathe a healthy lifestyle

Choosing a salad over a burger or daily study sessions over cramming is a challenge we all face.

Eating healthy, exercising well and studying efficiently are the three of the biggest concerns of college students and they are all intertwined.

Most students focus so much on hanging out with friends and studying for classes they often overlook other important aspects of living well, such as remembering to eat a balanced diet. According to U.S. News & World Report, its disadvantageous not only for your body, but also for your mind, to eat large meals before you study.

Your brain has to compete with your digestive system for blood flow after you eat a big meal so as a result many students will have a harder time focusing. It is more beneficial to eat about four or five small meals every day with snacks in between to keep you focused on studying and keep you on track with your diet.

Sophomore Desyre Blackburn suggested that you snack throughout the day so you will eat moderately at dinner.

Blackburn also said that “with good eating, comes exercise. Make sure to workout anywhere between three to six days a week.”

Blackburn stresses the importance of continuously nourishing your body because “without proper nourishment, it could have negative effects on your body.”

When it comes to studying and succeeding in your school work it’s important to manage your time effectively and efficiently. Everyone tells you how bad procrastination is, but not everyone knows that procrastination can increase stress and can induce bad habits such as stress eating or sleeping.

“It’s better to study a little bit everyday than a lot in one day because retention comes from repetition,” tutor-in-resident (TIR) Sahil Trivedi said.

He also suggested using the resources around you for help, such as the ARC and TIR, because you’re paying for them to be here, you might as well get a use out of them! Trivedi also recommends going to your professor’s office hours.

“There you have the ability to learn one on one with the person that makes your exam,” Trivedi added.

Lastly, sophomore Troy Trovato, a diplomacy major, said he tries to manage his time well when it comes to studying.

“I found that leisure time intermingled with one’s studies is the most efficient manner to excel on exams and papers,” Trovato said.

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