Eat less or eat better?

Dieting has been and always will be a fad that will be revisited throughout your life. Here are just a few ways that people diet: counting calories; eating more, but smaller meals throughout the day; eating fewer, but larger meals; exercising without changing your food intake or just making healthy meal choices. Which is better?

The solutions you’re left with are simple: Eat healthy or eat less and SHU students are making up their mind as to which side they will choose.

“I plan on just eating a certain amount of calories a day,” sophomore Ashley Taylor said. “I think it’s better to focus on being healthy than going over the top and stressing yourself out because that leads to more unhealthy choices. I want to focus on protein enriched foods like almonds and a lot of fruits like apples and oranges throughout the day.”

While students interested in fitness may choose to eat healthier, other students that don’t enjoy fruits and vegetables might choose to eat less, along with other unique combinations in between.

However, to truly embrace New Year’s resolutions and their possible massive changes to our psyche, it might be better to choose the option that we are less likely to want to do.

“I plan to run and swim like I did in high school, it kept me in shape,” junior Thomas Zucker said. “But I am going to eat less junk food like hot dogs and burgers, get more diverse meals and I think I’ll grab more fruits in the caf.”

Whether you choose to eat less, eat healthier, or to eat the same that you used to, remember that no diet will give you what you need to walk around in your body: confidence. Even if you ate so much you can’t see your feet, remember there are many methods to lose it.

Unless of course you actually can’t see your feet, I was joking about that, I would definitely recommend dieting after clogging most of your arteries.

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