Seton Hall publicly confirms plans for school of medicine

Photo courtesy of University archives

Photo courtesy of University archives

It was publicly announced Jan. 15 at the Hoffmann-La Roche Campus that Seton Hall University and Hackensack University Health Network have signed a memorandum of understanding for a joint venture to establish what will be the state’s only four-year private school of medicine.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Congressman William Pascrell Jr. joined the president and CEO of Hackensack University Health Network, Robert C. Garret, the president of Seton Hall, Dr. a Gabriel Esteban and the Vice President and Site Head of Hoffman-La Roche, Thomas Lyon, in announcing the news.

The Hoffman-La Roche campus consists of five main buildings and over one hundred acres, the proposed new school, which could enroll students as early as 2017, will occupy 13-14 acres, according to Garret.

“This is a big deal my friends,” Congressman Pascrell said. “The consequences of this will be seen for years to come.”

Seton Hall Law Alum, Gov. Christie thanked all parties for their work in contributing to the current memorandum and ensured future support for the venture from the administration.

Many details of this venture, such as what it will be named and how much it will cost are still under consideration.

The exact numbers for the cost of the proposed school were not revealed because they are still being finalized, according to Garret.

The venture will be funded equally by both parties. Funding will come solely from both organizations, through philanthropy and the state’s Economic Development Authority.

According to Esteban, the feasibility of a Medical School was first discussed in 2009.

“My main goal is to increase the value of your degrees because I feel like this will elevate the prestige of the institution,” Esteban said. “It definitely is a nice fit for all our existing programs.”

A final agreement for the proposed school is planned for early 2015.

Author: Mary Marshall

Mary Marshall is the Editor In Chief of The Setonian. She is a senior at Seton Hall, originally from Chicago. Mary is currently majoring in journalism and minoring in political science. She is a former intern for NBC Dateline, Tom Brokaw and MSNBC. Mary reports on local crime and breaking news on campus.

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