Make SHU home: Ins and outs of campus

For transfer students, adjusting to Seton Hall can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips and things to know about SHU and the surrounding South Orange area.

The system of currency for Seton Hall students consists of Pirate Bucks and Pirate’s Gold. Similar as they might sound, the difference between them is crucial.

Pirate’s Gold is the money you (or your parents) directly deposit into your account through Blackboard. Gold may be used in the commuter caf, the bookstore, the laundry machines, the printers and even at some of the local restaurants in town, such as Stony’s.

Pirate Bucks; however, must be used exclusively for food on campus, at locations including the Pirate’s Cove, the commuter caf and Dunkin’ Donuts. Each student is allotted a certain amount of Pirate Bucks each semester which is determined by his or her meal plan.

If you’re looking to get off campus for something to eat, South Orange has a variety of options.

“One of my favorite places to eat is Lalibela and it’s an Ethiopian restaurant that puts the caf to shame,” Angelica Munoz, sophomore business management major said.

The gym is also a great feature of Seton Hall’s campus. Newly renovated and equipped with top of the line exercise equipment, the gym offers a variety of energizing workout classes.

“I would definitely recommend the spin classes because they’re a good break in between class and studying. They can get crowded depending on the time of day, so get there 15 minutes early to save yourself a bike,” Shannon Batt, sophomore biology major, said.

Walsh Library, the main study hub of SHU, can get packed from time to time. Sophomore Amy Calabrese offers her advice on when to hit the library.

“The best times to go are early in the morning or later at night because it’s not very crowded,” Calabrese said. “In the afternoon the library tends to be more crowded because the school does have a large amount of commuting students that use the library in between classes.”

Calabrese added, “And the weekends are definitely a good time to go.”

Attending sports games is a great way to unwind, socialize and support the Pirates. Many students enjoy attending basketball games at the Prudential Center in Newark, and later on in the semester, baseball games located on campus at the Owen T. Carroll field.

Seton Hall is also host to many intellectually compelling events throughout the semester.

Sophomore physician assistant major, Catherine Rodgers said, “Here at Seton Hall there are a lot of fun things to do. One of my favorite was going to the TED Talks in the spring,” which is a program designed to promote the exchange of new, forward-thinking ideas.

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