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There it goes, flying across the Green. And there you go, chasing after it…you and your hat hair.

Here in Jersey it looks like we’re in for a winter that is below frigid, so our best bet is to accessorize wisely: topping off the outfit just right, not allowing your body heat to escape. Winter’s best accessory: hats. With a style for every event, for both him and her, you’ll be toasty all season long.

First, let’s get fancy ladies. Perfect for brunch or a midday date, strolling through town or walking city streets, the wide brimmed hat is sure to protect your hair from gusts of wind and shield your eyes from the sun. The dome of the hat houses the potential danger of disheveled hair, but this statement piece is fit for most establishments—as long as you’re not planning to go to the chapel.

For more wintry festivities, you may want to leave your wide brimmed hat at home and place a knit hat atop your head. Adorned with a fun little fluffy ball, loud prints and patterns, or more subdued with neutral hues, the knit hat can be dressed up or dressed down, look classy or playful, masculine or feminine.

When the weather isn’t looking too hot and your hair isn’t either, a baseball cap is a quick fix. Repping your favorite MLB team or our very own Blue Pirates, the baseball cap can be worn for all of your duties on your daily agenda. To class, the cafeteria, to the gym, your cap is a great workout accessory. Running those Sunday errands via the SHUfly, the baseball cap is a great topper for a casual college day.

If the objective is to save the hair through it all, earmuffs are the safest accessory. Unlike many of the aforementioned hats, earmuffs are guaranteed to keep your ears warm, although conversation may be stifled. Knit designs, fur accents or patterned, ear muffs are fit for any type of wear and are great for an occasion that calls for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Cousin to the earmuffs, the winter headband often looks less like an outdoor piece and more like it’s just part of the outfit. Typically in solid colors, the winter headband is great when attending indoor or outdoor sporting events. A blue one would make for a very spirited accessory for a SHU basketball game.

Take advantage of the cold weather while you can, putting your most fashionable foot forward and placing your favorite style hat atop your head.

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