The holiday gift guide

As if studying and cramming for finals didn’t take up enough time, now shopping and thinking of holiday gifts is added to this stressful list of things to do. But fear not, there are simple and cheap options to give as gifts this season.

One often overlooked gift idea is baking something for your family or friends. Festive Christmas cookies, apple or pecan pie and cake pops are all great examples of manageable and nearly free treats to give out.

Although the idea of baking for presents seems inconsiderate, it is actually a fun and highly treasured way to show your family and loved ones how much you care. After all, you’re a college student not Bill Gates, so people will understand the struggle of finding the perfect gift.

For some people, however, finding the perfect gift isn’t the problem, it’s figuring out a way to afford it. For mothers, aunts, sisters and girlfriends, you can never go wrong with giving jewelry, but most desirable jewelry can be out of price range.

Sophomore Stephanie Wiant, a public relations major, found a way to get around the price difficulties.

“My brother and I put our money together last year and got my mom an opal ring because it is both of our birthstones,” Wiant said. Teaming up with a sibling can help you get your parents that perfect present.

When you’re young, getting clothes for Christmas can be a major disappointment. Now that we’re older, clothes are a practical and useful gift to give to friends and family.

Colorful fuzzy socks are one cute and affordable option, while goofy ties can also serve as a good present.

Sophomore Alex Ebol, a nursing major, said that this is one of the first Christmas’s she can finally splurge on her family.

“I got my parents clothes from Ralph Lauren,” Ebol said. “As for my siblings, I got my brothers some shirts from Uniqlo and my sister a makeup kit from Ulta.”

Still searching for something to get your loved ones? Don’t dismiss the idea of online shopping! Amazon and eBay often offer great deals during December and can lead you to presents you might never have thought of.

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