Student plunges into local political scene

Demetrius Terry, a junior sociology major from Jersey City, was recently appointed New Jersey chair for the College Democrats of America Black Caucus.

The C.D.A. Black Caucus works to promote political awareness among African American college students nationwide, according to the chairman of C.D.A., C.J. Jackson.

The CDA Black Caucus serves as the African American political youth arm of the Democratic National Committee Black Caucus, according to the organization’s website. It is a team of dedicated activists committed to strengthening the Black Caucus, which was built on the principles of scholastic development, community involvement, social and political activism and cultural preservation. Terry first got interested in politics in 2008 during the historic presidential campaign of Barack Obama.

“I want to give back to the community,” Terry said. The national organization is new, but Terry said he is “determined to work with the Student Government Association, Seton Hall College Democrats, and black student organizations on campus to form a partnership that will turn into progress.”

On Oct. 29, Terry was elected president of Seton Hall’s College Democrats as well. Alex Jeffers, junior diplomacy major and former president of the College Democrats said he has worked closely with Terry on various campaign projects and school events as well as voter registration initiatives. He describes the Seton Hall College Democrats as an organization at its “high point.”

Jeffers said that thanks to the growing body of enthusiastic and passionate members, “the club will continue to prosper and greatly impact our campus through political events and programs.”

Declaring that his first goal is to increase membership, Terry said: “I believe that there are more liberal students on campus.”

He is in the process of reaching out to other black student organizations on campus. He also plans on partnering with students at Rutgers and other universities in the state.

“We would like to make other leaders and promote the African American race,” Terry said about the CDA Black Caucus’ goals.

Terry said he went door to door in Jersey City to campaign for New Jersey Senator Corey Booker’s reelection on Nov. 4.

“I think that Corey Booker understands the needs of inner-city children more than the Republican representative,” Terry said.

Booker won the election by a wide margin over Republican Jeff Bell. Terry sees politics playing a substantial role in his future.

“I plan on running for City Council,” he said. “I had an opportunity to run before, but I wanted to get an education first.”

Jeffers said: “Demetrius is a promising young man full of potential and has an enthusiasm for local and national politics that will suit him to serve as the SHU College Democrats president.”

He announced that he plans to run for City Council in Jersey City in 2017.

Despite the challenges he faces, Terry said, “I am confident with the help from my family, friends and Seton Hall community, I can pull it off.”

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