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At the beginning of the school year, Seton Hall University joined 201 other colleges when it added Alpha Omicron Pi to the fraternities and sororities on campus, according to

Sophomore Sarah Bayat, who was part of the colonization process for Alpha Omicron Pi at SHU, said that she chose Alpha Omicron Pi because “it was a brand new opportunity to build a new organization with all the girls that have the same values as you.”

The female fraternity stresses the importance of the unique qualities in each individual member.

The Alpha Omicron Pi at Seton Hall Facebook page defined what it means to be one of 160,000 sisters in this fraternity.

“Through our diverse personalities and interests, we strengthen our bonds of friendship while remaining true to our own identities,” the description read. “AOII encourages each member to recognize what is unique in each of us, to develop our individual talents and to be proud of our differences.”

Being a part of Alpha Omicron Pi is more than showing Greek pride or attending sorority events, according to

“It is a feeling of belonging to a group of women who accept you for who you are and encourage you to develop into who you want to become,” the website read. “In AOII, you can find a place where you feel at home.”

And Bayat echoed the ideals of the fraternity.

“Through character, loyalty, dignity and grace all of us will try to uphold the high ideals of Alpha Omicron Pi,” she said. “We all, as sisters, have a commitment to supporting one another, our chapter as a whole, and our university.”

The 73 members of the fraternity have already begun making their mark on the community. Supporting arthritis research and awareness, the fraternity that usually wears its red colors has decided to go blue for the cause. They showed their support at Seton Hall University Weekend back in the beginning of October.

After being on campus for two months, Alpha Omicron Pi’s members are pioneering their mission, something Bayat is glad to be a part of.

“I love being a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi, I have no regrets about joining, it has been an amazing experience so far,” she said.

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