Pirate Weekend to bring fun activities

“It’s hard to find things to do on campus on the weekends because everyone goes home,” sophomore Jessica West said.

Research done by the department of Housing and Residence Life proves this misconception is false.

Despite popular belief, Eric Mochnacz, assistant director for training and development and HRL said the re- search from the Educational Benchmarking, Inc. (EBI) survey taken last year tells us that a majority of students stay on campus on the weekends.

HRL is implementing a program this semester called “Pirate Weekend,” designed to supply students with an array of activities every weekend.

The program has been tailored by the results of last semester’s EBI survey, which indicated that students who stay on campus are looking for different programs to be involved in on the weekends.

“Pirate Weekend” is a program that focuses on advertising the hall council programs held by the Resident Assistants on campus, the First 56 Days trips, and other fun events at or around Seton Hall. For example, the Mary Jennings scholarship game gave students the opportunity to make posters and tailgate with hot dogs and root beer, serving as a fun weekend activity for those looking for something to do.

“We’ve heard your concerns. We know you don’t think there is anything going on, on the weekends and we are here to provide a diverse number of programs for you,” Mochnacz said. “The goal of ‘Pirate Weekend’ is to make sure students have something to do on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They just need to look for it.”

Posters advertising “Pirate Weekend” events can be found throughout campus. Furthermore, HRL sends each Seton Hall student the Hall Happenings calendar each Tuesday via email to inform students of upcoming HRL events.

Rachel O’Connor can be reached at rachel oconnor@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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