Satisfying your caffine cravings without exceeding your calorie count

With beach season come and gone, most people take that as a sign to take it easy in their workouts and diets. Specifically, it’s easy to get carried away with caffeinated drinks and sweet beverages during late night study sessions or library visits.

However, all hope is not lost. Dunkin’ Donuts and the Cove both offer excellent alternatives that aren’t overloaded in calories.

When it comes to ordering healthy drinks at Dunkin’ Donuts your options can seem limited, but with just a little tweaking a lot of drinks can be transformed from hearty to healthy.

For example, switching from regular sugar to Splenda, Equal or Sweet N’ Low can help to reduce the amount of calories the drinks contain. In addition to switching to artificial sweeteners, using skim milk will lower the calories and fat in the drink.

Sophomore DeAnna Bifalco was excited to find out that Dunkin’ was introducing almond milk because “it’s a healthier alternative to dairy and it tastes amazing.”

Bifalco said that with her schedule becoming busier “it’s a lot harder for me to go to the gym as frequently as I used to, so this helps me to stay healthy and fit.”

A small iced coffee with skim milk and Splenda has 25 percent less calories, fat and saturated fat than a small iced coffee with cream and sugar. Containing only 50 calories, this drink not only won’t break your diet but it tastes great.

Ordering a cappuccino without any flavor swirls is another good way to avoid unnecessary calories, as it would only be 80 calories.

Also, at only 10 calories, unsweetened iced teas are one of the healthiest things on the menu.

While at the Cove be sure to check out the Starbucks Iced Skinny Latte made up of only 70 calories and zero grams of fat. Asking to make your cappuccino nonfat will also help to make your drink choice healthier.

Starbucks’ Caffè Americano is only 10 calories and is a good alternative to a cappuccino or latte.

Lastly, if you’re not in the mood for coffee, sticking to the Cove’s brewed tea is a good choice as it has zero calories.

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