Tis the season to ditch basic ways and embrace originality

Drinking pumpkin spice lattes, taking apple picking selfies, wearing chestnut UGGs and fake nerd glasses, dyeing your hair a darker shade, pretending to like football and buying promiscuous Halloween costumes – these are the trade- marks of a typical “basic chick,” done autumn style.

In case you are not familiar with the recently popular term, a “basic chick,” more commonly referred to as a “basic b****,” is socially defined as a regular female with very average tastes and interests and an overall dull personality, to put it kindly.

Don’t get me wrong, when fall comes around, I enjoy apple picking and Halloween as much as the next person. Although the season’s traditions are great and all, it is easy to fall (no pun intended) into the same, seasonal routine, instead of exploring all the unique experiences that life has to offer. Here are some interesting ways to venture outside your comfort zone and to improve this autumn season:

Plan an autumn potluck with friends. Not only is this a great way to appreciate the season, but it is also a great opportunity to take a break from those ramen cups or boxed mac and cheese dinners us college kids have to deal with on a weekly basis. With a group of people, plan out a day to celebrate all things fall with an autumn potluck dinner, where every individual invited prepares and brings a dish of their choosing. Choose meals that are inspired by the season.

Go pear and fig picking. Contrary to popular belief, apples and pumpkins are not the only fruit options out there. This season, go plucking for pears and figs, the necessary ingredients for a delicious pear and fig tart.

Create an original Halloween costume. Don’t bother wasting your money on overpriced and cheaply made costumes, that you will probably only wear once. Get creative! For this Halloween, make a one-of-a-kind ensemble from the materials you have. Draw ideas for costumes from TV shows, movies and/or pop culture news, which are always great sources of inspiration. Not only are you more likely to have an original outfit, but it will be a costume designed specially for you, without having to break the bank.

Help out a local food charity. Thanksgiving, a holiday dedicated to giving thanks, is a huge part of the fall. Instead of making it just a day of celebration, devote the entire season to giving back, either by donating to a food drive or volunteering at a local food shelter.

Enjoy the seasonal foliage with a road trip to a national park. One of the best parts of fall, is the natural scenery. Plan a road trip with some friends to a park of your choosing, like the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in northern New Jersey. This is the best way to fully experience the natural beauty that autumn has to offer, in addition to making some incredible memories.

If such plans just seem out of the picture, the least you can do is drink those Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes without feeling guilty about the calories. Just think, you waited all year to have one!

So, switch things up this autumn and avoid being an extra regular female, by trying out these suggestions.

Natalie Rebisz can be reached at natalie.rebisz@student.shu.edu.

Author: Natalie Rebisz

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