Cove rolls out sushi options

The Pirates Cove has always offered sandwiches, salads, soups and several other choices on its menu but the newly opened sushi station adds a twist to the otherwise traditional menu.

Freshman Taylor Emanuel was trying the sushi at the Cove for the first time this week but said she was not excited because she had not been able to get what she wanted the few times she had gone before.

“Not really excited because I wanted shrimp tempura but I had to get a California roll,” said Emanuel. “I trust the sushi, I just feel like every time I went I can’t have what I want.”

On the other hand, fellow freshman Shylanda Gabriel tried the sushi before and was coming back for more, adding that she would recommend it although she felt it was too expensive.

“I like the sushi, I just think it’s overpriced, but I definitely liked it,” said Gabriel.

Some students had qualms regarding the inclusion of sushi in the Pirates Cove menu.

“I do eat sushi and I like it, but I don’t trust it,” said Amanda Chiarello, a senior. “Sushi is raw fish and we don’t specialize in raw fish here.”

Gourmet Dining Services has brought in an experienced staff to prepare the sushi but that still leaves some students skeptical. Another critic of the Cove sushi is senior Nicolle Segarra, who says she would never eat the sushi on campus.

“I can’t see myself eating it any time soon,” said Segarra, “I love sushi but I’m picky even eating it at certain restaurants outside of school, I definitely wouldn’t want it from the Cove. Maybe once I know more people that have had it and can actually trust it I’ll give it a try but for now I’m not interested.”

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