Launching a vision into the future

Photo courtesy of Nay-Quan Bloomer

In the cafeteria, around the library, passing through the Green, you’ve seen it all over campus— maybe even hanging in your own closet. It’s the double V logo that exudes positivity.

Sophomore Nay-Quan Bloomer, liberal arts and science major with an art and design minor and founder of Vividvisionz, has quite the vivid visual of the popularity of his clothing here at Seton Hall University, and he has a vivid vision for the line’s future in store— well in shipment boxes for now.

Bloomer launched his clothing line last year selling T-shirts with the Vividvisionz logo in addition to snapbacks, bucket hats, beanies, crop tops and baseball jerseys. There is a message of positivity received with each purchase according to Bloomer.

Behind the VV detailing is a motto of empowerment: “how vivid is your vision.”

The line has picked up two sponsors and the support of “Run’s House” reality star Jojo Simmons. Simmons sported the Vividvisionz bucket hat while playing tennis, according to Bloomer.

He has on-campus collaborations in the making as well. Working with juniors Curtiss Korn and Nicholas Trimarco, members of the Underground Muscle Nutrition team, Vividvisionz will now venture into the realm of fitness apparel.

Korn had met Bloomer in the gym and struck up this collaboration; Korn and Trimarco will represent Vividvisionz as they train and compete in bodybuilding and physique competitions.

The fitness line will include compression gear, regular tank tops, Y back tank tops, gym shorts and yoga pants. The line is still in the very early stages, according to Korn. Stylish apparel or fitness, the Vividvisionz message is in the stitch work.

“When I look at myself in the gym, when Nick looks at himself in the gym, it’s how vivid is your vision,” Korn said. “Where do you want to be when you’re ready to step on stage or where do you see yourself?”

Korn said Vividvisionz is more than a clothing line, it’s a brand; it’s something that you represent and something that you are.

“When I get into the fitness side, I have a good feeling about that,” Bloomer said.

Overall, Bloomer said his goal is expansion.

“As far as the numbers game, I’ve tried to reach [certain sales] monthly, but right now my main goal is to save because I’m looking to open a little shop back home, basically a base for Vividvisionz,” Bloomer said.

Bloomer said thus far the SHU community has responded very well to his line and he values the input of students. The positive support from SHU students, old classmates and friends from home on Instagram makes his day.

“I just sold a shirt to someone, not only did I sell a shirt, but I sat down and spoke with [him] for about 20 minutes about fashion,” Bloomer said. “I like talking to people when I do sell stuff, they give me ideas.”

Bloomer said to look out for the winter merchandise including crewnecks, hoodies and joggers. Next month royal blue baseball jerseys representing Seton Hall spirit as well as customizable jerseys will be ready for purchase.

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