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Whether it be to unwind or have a healthier lifestyle, people enter a gym with a personal goal in mind. Sometimes treadmills and bench presses can appear as the only means to work out. However, it is possible to replace those intimidating machines with a variety of fitness classes.

This year, the Recreation Center is offering a new class: High Interval Intense Training, is held every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

“We are always looking to see exactly what our students want,” said Brian Poll, assistant director of recreational service. “So if there is something that majority of students want to have which we don’t offer than we will do our due diligence to offer that fitness class. We want to make sure that every student has a possibility to take part in opportunities provided at this facility.”

The gym offers Zumba, Yoga and spin courses. Also, the Recreation Center still offers similar classes as the previous years, but they have been renamed. The new names help students understand exactly what they are getting.

For example, the facility provides classes such as Yoga and Pilates and Cardio Kickboxing which were previously named Body Flow and Body Combat.

According to Poll, there has been an increase in membership in these classes this year which he hopes is due to the rebranding of these courses. The trainers who motivate and lead people in these classes are Seton Hall University students who have been trained extensively.

“I think these fitness classes are really great because it makes it more enjoyable for students and faculty to work out, junior Meha Vikram said. “More people will go because not everyone likes treadmills or lifting weights.”

Students who want to know more about these fitness classes should follow the Richie Regan Recreational Center on Twitter @ SHU_CampusRec.

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