8 Simple Rules to stay fit

Whether you’re worried about gaining or losing the “freshman 15,” there are easy ways to stay healthy and maintain your shape while being away at school. It may seem daunting, especially if you go to the caf and see the bakery, but there are eight simple rules that can keep you fit.

1. Make up a workout schedule and stick to it. Getting the proper exercise is very important to staying fit and also essential to your body. Once your body gets the proper exercise, you will begin to see changes in the amount of endurance your body can handle.

2. Keep track of your exercise and count calories. If you do, you won’t fall behind and your body will thank you later. Staying fit is all about organizing your food and exercise.

3. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Staying hydrated is not only important to being fit, but it is also important to your overall health. The body needs water to function, so don’t take it for granted and abuse your body with dehydration.

4. Eat before and after your workouts. The body needs energy and food is the body’s major energy source. For a rigorous workout and post-workout recuperation, provide your body with vitamins and nutrients to stay energized.

5. Change it up. If you’ve ever heard the saying “Don’t skip leg day,” this is some of the most important advice to staying fit. Essentially you need an all-over body workout, and although workouts are divided up into different days, exercising all muscle groups is a must. Pay the same attention to your lower body that you do to your upper body and midsection.

6. Remember to stretch. Stretching is key to making sure your muscles are not getting abused. Muscles need to be taken care of with stretching routines, before and after your workouts. You don’t want to pull a muscle and you don’t want to be sore either.

7. Make sure to get rest. Another source of energy for the body is sleep. Make sure your body is not overworked, whether through workouts or stress. The body needs rest and needs to recuperate. Allowing your body this time will help you stay fit.

8. Keep up energy levels. Your energy levels need to be maintained by eating protein, getting rest, and drinking water through the day. In order to stay fit, you need to make sure that your energy levels are balanced.

Rebecca White can be reached at rebecca.white@student.shu.edu.

Author: Rebecca White

Rebecca White is from Orange County, California and is a senior majoring in Communication. She started out as the Pirate Life Copy Editor her sophomore year, worked her way up to Assistant Pirate Life Editor her junior year, and enters her senior year as Pirate Life Editor. She has been on the Dean’s List every semester and will graduate a semester early in December 2016. During her time at Seton Hall she has interned for CNBC and CupidsPulse.com, an entertainment site where she coordinates the celebrity interviews. She aspires to be a novelist while working in the publishing industry, either as a book editor or magazine editor.

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