Surprise! It’s still your birthday

Birthdays are a great way for people to come together and take a break from the stress of everyday life. Celebrating a birthday in college, however, can be very different from what we’re used to at home.

The absence of family and close friends can hinder the festive atmosphere and put a damper on what normally would be a joyful day. This is why it’s so crucial for college students to make a friend’s birthday just as special as it would be if they were at home.

One great way to start off a friend’s birthday is by surprising them with a thoughtfully decorated dorm door. By using simple supplies, such as colored post-it notes or printed pictures, you can make their door stand out without having to use an elaborate design.

Creating a mini collage of all the things they love on their door will surely put a smile on their face and show how much you care. This small act of celebration doesn’t require a lot of work and will make your friend’s experience of going to class on their birthday a little less painless.

Not everyone is gifted with the ability to craft though, so for those who are artistically challenged a simpler way to celebrate a friend’s birthday could be by a trip downtown. Getting off campus and away from the mundane cafeteria food allows for an appealing shift from the regular routine. Going out to dinner for one’s birthday is a popular tradition that never disappoints and with all of the diverse restaurants in town it’s easy to find one your friend would love.

Everyone knows you can’t celebrate a birthday without dessert so the best way to complete your night out is by treating your friend to Carvel or Cold Stone for a savory treat.

As cliché as it sounds, all any- one wants on their birthday is to be surrounded by the people they love and in college you have easy access to your friends. With most people living just a few dorms away it’s easy to round up all your friends for a surprise party/gathering.

Most people’s schedules are extremely busy during the school year so having everyone together in the same room will really make your friend’s birthday special and memorable.

“Celebrating a friend’s birthday on campus is important because usually you spend your birthday with your family,” sophomore Cathy Gonzalez said. “Some people can’t so this gives them an opportunity to relax and enjoy their special day.”

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