Pirate dining revamped

The Seton Hall campus has undergone many renovations over the past few months and one of the best kept secrets is the revitalization of the Pirates Cove.

Residents, commuters and visitors alike can now take advantage of the expansive café space after 14 large, round tables and six high, square tables replaced the dingy, mismatched furniture that was there before.

Other improvements include two new registers that make ordering more efficient.

The menu has also undergone a renovation of sorts. The Cove now offers premade paninis that the kitchen heats up, providing a faster hot meal than ordering from the menu.

If you have some time though, the made-to-order menu is worth considering. The menu was revamped to serve Thumann’s brand fresh-made sandwiches. While old favorites remain, including mozzarella sticks and the Boland Pizza, there are plenty of new items like the Rubin–pastrami or corned beef with Russian dressing, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese, or a Pirate Quesadilla, the same cheese quesadilla as last year, but now with peppers and onions.

Other new options include the paninis or wraps served in various styles. The Jubilee, which is grilled chicken served plain, can be made with a parmesan, buffalo, or Caesar style. The Breaded Chicken Cutlet is served either plain or parmesan, buffalo, or Caesar style with your choice of cheese and bread. Lastly, The Aquinas is a turkey sandwich with your choice of melted cheese served on your choice of bread.

Also, handmade sushi rolls are available now as well as pre-made rolls you can grab on the go. The handmade sushi rolls proved to be a big hit while the grab and go rolls received mediocre reviews.

After trying a roll, sophomore Geoff Thomulka said, “The pre- made rolls are too cold but I really like the made-to-order sushi because I can get what I want specifically and it tastes good too.”

A limited Starbucks menu, a new feature added last year, will continue to be served. This includes espresso drinks, brewed coffee, hot and cold drinks as well as their signature Frappuccinos.

The Cove is open 8-1 a.m. Monday through Friday and 7-1 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Emily Balan can be reached at emily.balan@student.shu.edu.

Author: Emily Balan

Emily is the news editor for The Setonian and writes for the news section. She also writes for The Diplomatic Envoy where she holds the layout & copy editor position. She will be graduating in spring 2016 from the School of Diplomacy with a BS in diplomacy and international relations and a BA in philosophy, with minors in French and journalism.

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