8 Simple Rules to a 4.0

For more than half of our lives we have studied hard to earn that gleaming college acceptance letter from the school of our choice. Now that we’ve all been accepted into Seton Hall, students may be asking themselves, “What now?” Here are 8 simple rules to a 4.0 that can be used to your benefit.

1. Make sure to stay organized and maintain a planner that lists all of your homework, volunteer hours and work schedule. College students tend to overload themselves and the key to sustaining this lifestyle is organization.

2. Surround yourself with people with similar goals. By having a group of friends with the same goals, you now have a group of people to suffer with. You can study together in the library, volunteer together, and work together to achieve that 4.0.

3. Managing your time will be essential to achieving a 4.0 GPA. Make sure you allow yourself some time to relax, because stress overload can be the demise of your precious GPA.

4. Get a study room at the library to do homework. Distractions are your worst enemy when you have a hefty homework list. By studying in the library, you can do three times more than if you are in your dorm with a TV, computer and iPhone.

5. Eating healthy will maintain your energy levels, so you won’t become as exhausted as fast. This is vital for managing the hectic life of a 4.0 bound student.

6. Resting is just as important as turning in all of your homework. Resting will not only re- charge your batteries, but will also help maintain energy levels so you can work just as hard for a longer period of time.

7. In this day and age, participation in class is usually worth 20-30 percent of your grade. This is an easy way to move your grade from a B to and A. Make sure to participate so you can keep that 4.0.

8. Maintain personal relationships with your professors. They are built-in mentors that have gone down the path you are on and have connections that will be vital to your career. By staying close to your professors, you can help them understand when something happens that is out of your control.

Rebecca White can be reached at rebecca.white@student.shu.edu.

Author: Rebecca White

Rebecca White is from Orange County, California and is a senior majoring in Communication. She started out as the Pirate Life Copy Editor her sophomore year, worked her way up to Assistant Pirate Life Editor her junior year, and enters her senior year as Pirate Life Editor. She has been on the Dean’s List every semester and will graduate a semester early in December 2016. During her time at Seton Hall she has interned for CNBC and CupidsPulse.com, an entertainment site where she coordinates the celebrity interviews. She aspires to be a novelist while working in the publishing industry, either as a book editor or magazine editor.

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