Seton Hall says goodbye to ZBT

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One of Seton Hall’s oldest and most active fraternities, Zeta Beta Tau, has officially lost its recognition as a student organization on campus, according to Rebecca Davison, Assistant Director of Greek life.

The University took away the fraternity’s standing because of conduct code violations and violations in the terms of the fraternity’s 2013 suspension.

Davison said in an email interview that fraternities and sororities must follow the University’s community standards regarding student organizations in order to be in good standing.

"Zeta Beta Tau lost recognition from the University and had its charter revoked by their National Office for repeated violations of the University’s community standards and Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity’s national policies," Davison said.

While active, ZBT hosted several memorable events that will no longer take place on campus. "Get on the Ball," one of the organization’s most popular events, was held annually on the University Green.

According to former ZBT president and Seton Hall alumnus Greg Rogalski, the event served to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network, a non-profit organization that collects donations to fund children’s hospitals, medical research and raise awareness of children’s health issues. Students would donate money to sign a giant ball and all of the money raised was given to the organization.

ZBT also played an active role in serving the South Orange community.

"We volunteered frequently around South Orange," Rogalski said. Notably, the organization helped the South Orange police paint lines for the no-parking zones.

"It is sad to see one of our organizations end," said Greek Municipal Assembly president Ben Ayzenberg. "However, we need to learn from this and keep it in mind."

Although ZBT is no longer recognized as an active Greek organization on Seton Hall’s campus, they are still permitted to apply for the opportunity to recolonize.

"Former organizations have the option to re-colonize in the future." Davison said. In order to be considered, organizations have to apply through the expansion process and guidelines.

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