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Courtesy of Stephanie Koeller

Having your own space is arguably one of the best parts of moving on-campus. Dressing up your dorm room is a fun and inexpensive way to express individual style and make campus feel more like home.

Using pictures and graphics are great ways to personalize your dorm room and add color to your walls. Junior Erin Lott simply used string and clothes-pins to add flare to her dorm. According to Lott, she achieved this look through threading the string through the clothes pins. Then, she selected the photos she wanted to display and matched them each with a clothes-pin that would hang it from the string.

Sophomore Stephanie Koeller also creatively used pictures to personalize her dorm room. Koeller arranged her pictures in patterns and words to add more color to her walls. She accomplished this by collecting interesting pictures she wanted to display and laying them out on her bed until she settled on a pattern she liked and used tape to hang the pictures.

Pictures are only one of the many ways to personalize your dorm room. Pinterest and are great sources for do-it-yourself (DIY) decorating ideas that are both crafty and cost-efficient.

One great way Pinterest suggests to add flare to your walls is through customizing a mirror. You can purchase a floor-length mirror at Walmart for under 20 dollars and accent it with items like sequins, faux-flowers and diamonds. Hanging this on your wardrobe will serve a practical purpose while adding more individuality to your dorm room.

Another creative idea is customizing a magnet board to your schedule. This can be done with fabric paint to draw on the magnet board and organize your class schedule and homework assignments.

Decorating your dorm room is a fun and easy way to express your style and make your space feel like a little part of home. DIY decorations are a very inexpensive way of creating a unique space to call your own without having to break your bank.

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