Summer Treats

As the spring semester wound down, the anticipation of beach days and warm, late nights with friends from home and school grew into excitement. Each season has its perks and downsides, but summer for the most part is full of good times and great food. The chilled drinks and colorful fruits and vegetables eaten outside on picnic blankets or in the shelter of central air conditioning, create a vibe of good times and great memories.

There are certain foods and treats that are essential to this time of year, including ice cream, Mexican food, and coffee.

Right outside South Orange station, there is a great Cold Stone Creamery. All over the country, this chain sells classic sundaes, smoothies, shakes, and cakes. Chocolate dipped waffle cones and birthday cake flavored ice cream are a staple in the American summer lifestyle. The toppings are even mixed into the ice cream in front of the buyer, creating a show.

If you’re looking for a treat without the expense of dairy or grains, Against All Grains posts recipes of everything from Chipotle barbacoa tacos, to brownies, to classic ice pops, and homemade Fruit by the Foot. As someone who deals with lactose intolerance on a daily basis, I love finding a fun recipe that’s not exclusively vegan or difficult to make. Luigi’s Italian Ice is also inexpensive and in the freezer section of almost every supermarket. With nearly ten flavors, there’s one for everyone. They have classics like lemon and mango or flavors that remind me of being a kid again, like cotton candy and sour apple.

Junior Krystyn Wypasek is a known lover of coffee, especially after just qualifying for a Starbucks Gold Card, and makes sure to always stop and get an iced coffee before her internship in New York City. The caffeine fix in a not-so-thick version of ice cream is great on sweltering days surrounded by strangers and subway air.

The word treat is subjective. No one’s opinion on food is ever the same, but everyday should be filled with food that makes your body happy and food that makes your soul happy. Summer is a great time to explore and distinguish your taste.

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