SHU graduate, professor uses Google Glass on big day

Graduating from college is one of the most memorable experiences of anyone’s life and the graduating class of 2014 at Seton Hall got to commemorate the occasion with a look into the future, as all of the day’s activities were captured with Google’s new product, Google Glass.

Graduate Andrew Nguyen was given the opportunity to capture the day of commencement through the wearable, head mounted Google Glass. The product works as a hands free computer that works through voice commands.

Nguyen, who is graduating with a degree in political science, volunteered to wear Google Glass on the day of graduation along with Mathematics and Computer Science associate professor Bert Wachsmuth. The two worked on using the product a week before the big event to efficiently capture the memories of SHU’s 2014 graduation.

Wachsmuth is a part of Google’s explorer program and has been using Glass after submitting his name to be a part of it. The program is set up to help find useful ways to incorporate the product into the classroom and for educational purposes.

Both Wachsmuth and Nguyen were able to capture the happiness and buzz from all of the students, whether it was from Wachsmuth who helped lineup the graduates as they filtered out into the Izod Center or Nguyen who asked students and faculty alike to share their feelings about the big event.

Google Glass was able to help capture all of these things with a voice command and the only thing necessary to do so was to simply wear the lightweight glasses as they walked around the center. From there Glass took care of the rest, the two just had to enjoy the ride.

While Google Glass is still developing and hasn’t yet been mass manufactured, the computer headset was a big help in commemorating the biggest day of these Pirates’ lives.

It may not be a product for everyone and may be odd to some, but on this day the Class of 2014, Andrew Nguyen and Bert Wachsmuth will always remember this graduation and have their own Google Glass video to do so.

An interview with Bert Wachsmuth as well as Andrew Nguyen’s video, respectively, can be found in the links below.

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