Alum stays involved from 900 miles away

Although she lives nearly 900 miles away from campus, Seton Hall alumna Shilpa Ailani Jadwani (2008) continues her involvement with the Seton Hall commu­nity, serving as an Atlanta Alumni Ambas­sador.

Ailani Jadwani joined the Atlanta Alumni Association as an active member in 2013.

In less than two months after joining, she became an ambassador.

“Our goal is to keep Seton Hall Atlan­ta alumni involved and interactive by any means necessary, whether it’s just watching a Seton Hall basketball game together, do­ing community service or just hanging out together and remember our great times at Seton Hall,” Ailani Jadwani said.

Working alongside fellow Atlanta am­bassadors Ted Dougherty, Joe Krause and Patrick Longhi, Ailani Jadwani said she tries to organize these events at different locations in order to meet the needs of the alumni in the area.

Ailani Jadwani continues to be involved and encourages others to stay connected and give back to the Seton Hall commu­nity.

“One of the great perks of keeping in touch with Seton Hall and other SHU alumni is that it is the best network of in­dividuals you could possible know,” Ailani Jadwani said. “Whether its networking for a job or position you would like in your professional life or a network of great friends in your personal life, I have found that Seton Hall continues to provide this for me and all of its alumni.”

When she was a student, Ailani Jad­wani was heavily involved with the Seton Hall community.

Ailani Jadwani was a member of a number of organizations including the Filipino League at Seton Hall, Seton Hall Association of Indians and Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority.

She also worked closely with the Divi­sion of Volunteer Efforts as former volun­teer chairwoman of her sorority.

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