Sophomore launches fashion line of affordable, personable clothing

A is for Alexander McQueen, B is for Balenciaga, C is for Chanel…T is for Tom Ford, U is for Urban Outfitters and V is for Vividvisionz, a fashion brand started by a Seton Hall sophomore.

The double V logo you may have seen around campus is the creation of Nay-Quan Bloomer. Bloomer is the founder of Vividvisionz Clothing, a brand inspired by a mission of positivity.

Bloomer said he grew up around women who always preached positivity, especially his mom.

“I always wanted to speak out on the negative image the world has and portray it in an artsy and positive way,” Bloomer said.

Bloomer’s first Vividvisionz product did just that. It was a beanie with a reverse American flag in black and white.

“I love America and the flag will always be my flag; red, white and blue,” Bloomer said. “But since (there is corruption in America), let’s reverse that.”

The Vividvisionz line consists of beanies and black and white T-shirts. Bloomer said trends such as the bucket hat, shorts and crop tops are coming soon.

“Growing up with women gives me that advantage to look at both sides,” Bloomer said. “I already have it for the men…but since I grew up seeing women all the time, I could see what they wear and what they love.”

Vividvisionz is not the first brand Bloomer launched. He previously had a line called Fashion Leaders, although it did not take off. That’s when Bloomer decided to enroll at SHU to educate himself and learn a better approach, according to Bloomer.

In addition to being a fashion designer, he is also a photographer, singer, artist and former basketball player at Dean College. Through Vividvisionz, Bloomer plans to help promote individuals and their talents.

“If you could cook…if you could do 100 back flips, I will show the world that,” Bloomer said.

Bloomer’s ultimate goal with this line is to open up a studio: a “Broadway for all arts.” In other words, a space for artists of all different realms to showcase their work.

“Growing up I didn’t have people to help me,” Bloomer said. “I want to be that (person for others).”

Aside from being affordable, Vividvisionz clothing differs from other fashion lines in that it is more personal.

Bloomer said: “When I look on websites I see a model, but that’s all I see — a person with a shirt. When you go on the website I have, you see the model, but you also see the backstory.”

Readers can check out Vividvisionz Clothing on http:// www.vividvisionzclothing.

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