Color-coded hallways to help residents ‘find their way’

If you’ve ever visited a friend in Aquinas Hall and ended up lost in a maze of dim hallways and white walls, you’ll be pleased to know with the renovations comes color-coded wings or “way finding.”

The University understands the confusion of walking through this particular dormitory, so next year doors and door frames will be different colors — blue, red or green — for different sections, according to Dennis Garbini, vice president of administrations, and John Signorello, associate vice president of facilities and operations.

They said another feature coming in the fall to brighten up the space is overhead lighting.

“One of the good features is we’re putting in overhead lights… and overall improvement to the whole building,” Signorello said.

Suites in Aquinas have overhead lights in the hallways outside of the bathroom, but now indi- vidual bedrooms also will have them.

Ora Manor apartments also will be renovated over the summer, according to Garbini and Signorello.

“New paint, carpet, bathrooms, the balconies are going to be gone…no more balconies,” Signorello said.

As for Aquinas, Garbini and Signorello said thermal windows will replace old windows, elevators will be put in and there will be a new security lobby.

In addition, there will be new paint, new carpets, new video screens in the study rooms, new furniture in the study rooms and dorm rooms, new bathrooms and new laundry facilities on the fourth floor.

Signorello said approximately 166 new beds will be coming in and there will be two to three beds per room.

He also said he wants people to know the University has good housing facilities in terms of security, maintenance, snow cleanup and more.

“We would like to encourage other upperclassmen to stay on campus,” Signorello said.

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