Students attempt to outsmart exams

Smartphone technology has taken cheating to the next level. Students across campus admit to using smartphones to Google test answers, take pictures of class notes and message friends for answers during tests. While Seton Hall University has policies governing academic integrity, they do not deter some students.

“I admit that I have glanced at my phone once or twice while taking a test,” said a junior who wished to remain anonymous. “I know it’s wrong, but it is definitely the new and easiest trend in getting answers during a test that you may have forgotten. However, while it is easy, I definitely think teachers are catching on to this trend and therefore cracking down on this. One of my teachers even made the entire class place their cell phones in the front of the room before a pop quiz.”

Senior Kevin Cornell said: “I think a lot of teachers don’t realize how many people cheat in their classes. While I personally have never done it, I’ve seen so many people who use their phones during tests. It’s usually during lecture classes, too, since there is (sic) too many students for the teacher to focus on.”

According to a poll published on, 35 percent of students admit to using a cell phone at least once to cheat in class.

However, the same poll states that 65 percent report seeing other students using a cell phone to cheat.

“You see people cheat all the time in class, especially since everyone has a smartphone now,” sophomore Rohit Ravi said. “And you’ll be surprised how often it happens, too, as you’ll see it at least once during most tests.”

For more information on Seton Hall University’s policies on Academic Integrity, visit: education/phd-counseling-psychology/plagiarism-academic-integrity-policy.cfm.

Erica Szczepaniak can be reached at erica.szczepaniak@student.shu.

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